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May 3:  American Botanical Council Celebrates 9th Annual HerbDay in Austin
Ellen leads a plant walkat 1:15! Click for details.

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April 13, 1-5 pm Spring EZ Herbs Open House  NEW DATE!  


Harvesting Vitex Berries
w Ellen Zimmermann
Learn how to effectively harvest Vitex agnus-castus seeds to make a fresh, beneficial herbal tincture which serves as an excellent female hormonal balancer. Ellen grows 13 Vitex (AKA Chaste tree) on her rural South Austin property. She has been preparing fresh Vitex Tincture for 14 years now and has seen positive results from its use. They don’t call her the Vitex Queen for nothing!!

Herbal Opportunities

o   Get back on track...schedule a Personal Herbal  Consultation with Ellen.

o   Schedule a herbal presentation for your organization   Learn more.......

o   Suffering from air quality issues; try these EZ remedies:

Mullein-Horehound Blend Tincture
Nettles Tincture

Nettles Tea
Respiratory Tea

   Plant Walk with Ellen Photo album.

o    Nutritional Spice MIN ORDER-6 Jars

o   View Ellen's Ecuador Journey

 The Austin School of Herbal Studies
Class Schedule
for 2014   "Becoming an Herbalist"

>Hands on weekly experiences w/the garden or natural area
connect with the plants, one on one.
>Receive a personal Herbal Consultation & follow up w/each full registration.
>Get a taste of how to facilitate an intake and how to provide consultations to others
>Build a network of like-minded participants in a healthy, mutually beneficial way

>Choose from several schedule options.

F e a t u r e d    P r o d u c t s

Agarita Branch Tea

Now a regular item!

 Read more about agarita..
The Mission of EZ Herbs & The Austin School of Herbal Studies

By "Sharing the Wisdom of the Plants" I encourage others to use safe and effective herbs and products to practice preventative health care.  Learning to use fresh, high quality and organically grown hand-crafted herbs, helps to provide long-term physical and emotional well being. By subscribing to environmentally conscious practices, we assist in preserving our natural resources so they may be enjoyed by all.

What people are saying about Ellen & EZ Herbs..

"Thank you so much for your information on the uses of Cleavers and Chickweed. I did indeed rip these out of my yard, a little scared by their abundance. I did think at the time, "too bad these aren't useful for something" and now I know they truly are!  Knowledge is a wonderful thing-so thank you for yours and for sharing."
Sincerely, Lynn

"Everyone should have the pleasure to meet and catch the Ellen Energy.  How lucky Austin is to have such a treasure as we all learn to create a better life with herbs."  
Bill Swail, People's Pharmacy Owner


A fantastic gardener, teacher, and wonderful community herbalist, she is quite simply one of the most vivacious and uplifting individuals I know.”
Rosemary Gladstar, Master Herbalist
Every so often an individual is blessed in their field of expertise to become a leader in their community. Ellen has been blessed in this way and has planted the seeds of healing, physically and emotionally, in all of those individuals lucky enough to have taken her courses."
John Dromgoole, owner The Natural Gardener

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